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scalping on the news

scalping on the news

May 5, 2023

Scalping is a high-risk strategy, as it involves trading at short intervals. And on short inter

Rubricator 91: The Essence of the Metaverse

Rubricator 91: The Essence of the Metaverse

May 5, 2023

There is an opinion that metauniverses are our future, in which social networks will be replaced

Ichimoku cloud signals

Ichimoku cloud signals

May 5, 2023

The Ichimoku Cloud indicator is the most complex of the standard tools included in the basic set

Power Trends System Utility EA

Power Trends System Utility EA is a semi-automated Expert advisor. The user can only open trades manually but it has signal board
where it informs the trader of any trade signals forming according to the current market’s states. Many features were combined
together to make up this versatile ONE-in-ALL Utility EA:

1. Trade system that has signals provision:
It has in-built trade system that gives timely trade signals for the trader for profitable trades.

2. Trade operation buttons on the chart:
There are multiple trade buttons that allow the trader to open trades and manage it right from the chart without fumbling around
the mt4 terminal.

3. Symbol and Time-frame changer:
It also has symbol and time-frame changer to navigate from one currency pair and time-frame to another.

4. Trades managements and settings:
The trades management features were coded to be on the chart instead of being an internal thing. Meaning that you can manage
your trades right from the chart with different kinds of operational buttons for different functions.

5. It has two alert systems namely Push notification to receive alerts on your mobile phone while on the go and Pop-up alerts
to give timely notification when there is a trade opportunity. Any of these can be enabled or disabled. Also the duration to be informed
by this alert systems can be set by the trader.

6. It has a small board that shows currency pair’s spread amount on the chart currency pair to inform the trader when the spread
has been widened beyond normal, this will prevent the trader from paying exorbitant spread when there is volatility in the

7. Also internal trade managements in the parameter settings like Stop-loss reduction, breakeven, stop-loss and take-profit
definition functions in different forms. It has double-steps stop-loss reduction functions to mitigate the amount of losses to
insure peradventure the losses must eventually occur.

8. It can also plot stop-loss and take-profit for an empty opened orders through ‘Cover-For-Me’ functions.

9. This utility EA can be used to trade on any time-frame that may be the trader’s favorite period for trading. This actually
means that any cadre of trader can use this utility EA to trade: Scalpers, Day traders and Swing traders (pro or newbies).

10. It has magic number to differentiate one trade from the others for specific operations.

These are many features of this utility EA which actually make it perform wonderfully well using it for all trades operations.
I wish you many green pips as you trade with this great master piece.


Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

07 November 2021


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