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Price deviation MA

The indicator in a separate window displays the value of the price deviation (%) from the set value of the moving average (Moving

It can be used for both fixing positions and opening new positions.

Input parameters:

1.     The averaging period for calculating the moving average.

2.     The averaging method. Can be any of the values of ENUM_MA_METHOD:

MODE_SMA – Simple Averaging;

MODE_EMA-Exponential averaging;

MODE_SMMA – Smoothed averaging;

MODE_LWMA – Linear-weighted averaging.

3.     The price used. Can be one of the ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE price constants:

PRICE_CLOSE the closing Price of one;

PRICE_OPEN – Opening Price;

PRICE_HIGH – The maximum price for the period;

PRICE_LOW – The minimum price for the period;

PRICE_MEDIAN – Median price, (high low)/2;

PRICE_TYPICAL – Typical price, (high low close)/3;

PRICE_WEIGHTED – Weighted average price, (high low close close)/4.

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