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At 23 hours GMT, the last candle of the day is formed. You need to compare the time of the terminal with the Greenwich time, and then configure the Hour parameter so that trading is conducted taking into account the Greenwich time. The Expert Advisor uses the indicator signals depending on the trading sessions and the Price Action pattern to make a trading decision.

The order is placed with a stop loss, then a breakeven is set and a trailing stop is activated. If the order is closed at a loss, then the opposite type of pending stop order is opened at the price:

If the pending order is not triggered, it is deleted at the hour of the day set by the user in the Hour_Delete parameter, which must be configured so that this hour is the last hour of the working day.

  • Hour-candle hour
  • Hour_Delete – the hour for deleting pending orders
  • SL-stop loss of orders
  • SL_Pending-stop loss for pending orders
  • Step – the distance in points at which the opposite pending stop order is placed from the stop loss of the last order
  • Lot – lot
  • Profit_Level – if the position goes to plus on Profit_Level points
  • SL_Plus-breakeven is set
  • Profit_Level2 – if the position goes into profit by Profit_Level2 points
  • TrailingStop2 – how many points of the stop loss will be drawn for the price
  • Slip – slip
  • Magic – magic number
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