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 Anger conquers fear p.s Thomas Shelby 

?  LAST 5 OUT OF 10 COPIES AT $49  Next price will be $99.

A unique indicator for trend trading, filtering and all the necessary functions built into one instrument! 

?  LAST 5 OUT OF 10 COPIES AT $49  Next price will be $99.
The intelligent algorithm of the Prime Trend indicator accurately detects the trend, filters out market noise and generates entry and exit signals. \ 
The indicator has built-in functions for setting 2 levels of take profit (for displaying the direction of the trend and calculating profit in the future) 
New functions with advanced rules of statistical calculation improve the overall performance of this indicator. 

Important Information 
⚠️ To maximize the potential of Prime Trend, read and use the complete instructions on how to trade with this indicator  ► link
✅ Simple, visual and effective detection trend. 
✅ Possibility of filtering and improving trading strategies. 
✅ Improved calculation of statistics on entry points, take profit and exit signals. 

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✅ The indicator never redraws, does not recalculate loses and does not complete signals. 
✅ Signal is given strictly at the “Close of the bar” 
✅ Works on all symbols and timeframes. 
✅ Has functions of pop-up notifications, email notifications, push -notifications and sound alerts. 
⚠️  Percentage of signals that match the winning conditions. 
⚠️  Used to find the best trend pairs and timeframes. 
User’s Guide 
⚠️ Please refer to the instructions for details ► link


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