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PrimeTime Intraday Volatility Extrapolator


Undoubtedly, knowing when the trade will have the greatest profit
potential would be very useful. Why waste time
trading in imperfect conditions?

This leading indicator provides a detailed analysis of the currency price movement, but more importantly, it extrapolates the price movement over the next 24 periods of the
selected timeframe in the future. The complex algorithm of the PrimeTime indicator
considers each individual period and determines the future price trend.
activity with a solid degree of accuracy. 

Using PrimeTime will allow you to better understand the weekly cycles that
affect each character. You will see which periods on which days can be
bring the most profitable deals and, conversely, periods when
it is better to read a book instead of trading. It will allow you to see the approach of
favorable periods for trading! You will also see the approach of
unfavorable periods. And you will see the difference!

You can recognize periods that are affected by different intersecting periods.
by session time and economic news releases.
Periods of rapid growth in activity (acceleration zones) can be highlighted, which can
provide some interesting trading opportunities, such as
trading on reversals from sharp price movements, and also
warn of possible changes, such as a trend slowdown and
reversals that often occur between the peaks of zones of increased

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Attention: This is an indicator for intraday trading. It doesn’t work on timeframes above H1!

Additional recommended indicators:

  • Trend = Advanced Range Bands and DMDR
  • Overbought/Oversold = Advanced Range Bands
  • Breakdown = DMDR


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