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For some experienced traders, even without indicators, it is clear where the price will go, since you can also find out about the direction of the price movement by using ordinary Japanese candlesticks. The Expert Advisor compares several nearby candlesticks and their volumes, and opens a trade based on this. Also, it can analyze candlesticks on two timeframes at once, so that entering a position is more accurate and less risky. In addition, the Expert Advisor can determine the value of the take profit and stop loss, depending on the size of the previous candle. The recommended timeframes for this EA are H1, H4, D1. But with good optimization, you can also trade on smaller timeframes. Currency pairs can be any.

The Expert Advisor does not use risky trading strategies, it always sets a stop loss, which can move along the highs or lows of the last candle (trailing stop).

  • Lots – lot size (if Lots=0, then the lot will be calculated from the percentage of free funds in the account);
  • Percentage of free money – the percentage of free funds to open each new trade (works when Lots=0);
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread for opening a trade (for accounts with a floating spread, so that the trade is opened when the spread is not too large);
  • Magic (unique identifier) – unique identifier (it is necessary to make it different if several Expert Advisors are running in the same terminal);
  • TakeProfit – order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
  • StopLoss – the closing price of the order when the loss level is reached;
  • Dynamic TP and SL – when enabled (true), then Take profit and Stop loss are calculated for the candle values (but not more than the values of StopLoss and TakeProfit entered above);
  • Factor dynamic TP-dynamic take profit ratio;
  • Factor dynamic SL – dynamic stop loss coefficient;
  • EnableTrailingStop-enabling the trailing stop function;
  • DelayTrailing-the delay in seconds between moving the trailing stop;
  • Min high-low candle – the minimum length of the candle (from its maximum to the minimum) to enter the trade;
  • Period ADX – period of the ADX indicator;
  • ADX and high-low relation-dependence of the ADX indicator and the minimum candle length;
  • CandlesFactor-coefficient for determining a bullish or bearish candle;
  • CountCandles – the number of candlesticks to search for a bullish or bearish pattern;
  • CandlesVolume – number of candles for volume comparison;
  • TimeframeCandle2-timeframe of the second candle;
  • Min high-low candle 2 – minimum length of the second candle to enter the trade;
  • CandlesFactor2-coefficient for determining a bullish or bearish candle 2;
  • CountCandles2 – the number of candles to search for a bullish or bearish pattern for the second timeframe;
  • CandlesVolume2 – number of candles to compare the volume for the second timeframe;
  • PeriodATR – period of the Average True Range indicator;
  • MinLevelATR – minimum level of the Average True Range indicator;
  • Trading start hour – trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour – trading end hour;
  • ShowInfo – show information (slows down testing when enabled).
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