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Profit Loss Control Panel


Profit Loss Control Panel is a utility designed to control the loss and profit when trading.

This tool allows you to close trades if the profit and / or loss on the positions opened on the account reaches a certain limit.

  • Percentage of the balance
  • Number of points
  • Deposit currency

This covers the most popular list of reasons to close a deal.

In the panel, you can combine different types of restrictions, for example, limit the loss as a percentage of the deposit, and specify the profit in the currency. Restrictions in percent of the deposit and in the deposit currency apply to all transactions opened on the account. The limit in points closes only the specific trade that reached it.

Since the panel does not place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, but closes trades on the market, it can be used for “virtual” Stop Loss and Take Profit.

At the bottom of the panel is the Account Information block, which displays information about the trading account:

  • Balance sheet
  • Tools
  • Growth / Drawdown

  • SIZE – panel size (3 options available);
  • SLIPPAGE – slippage in points;
  • XDISTANCE – horizontal offset from the anchor point (upper-left corner);
  • YDISTANCE – vertical offset from the anchor point (upper-left corner);
  • PANEL_COLOR – panel color;
  • SUBPANEL_COLOR – the color of the subpanel;
  • BORDER_COLOR – border color;
  • TITLE_COLOR – the color of the titles;
  • PROFIT_COLOR – profit color;
  • LOSS_COLOR – the color of the loss.
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