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PTS Precision Divergence Finder


The Precision Divergence Finder indicator accurately detects local price minima.

Finding lows in technical analysis is usually easier than finding highs, so the indicator ONLY gives buy signals.

A complex algorithm searches and counts the number of divergences with the Demand Index (DI) on each bar in real time.

In other words, the indicator captures cases. when the market price makes a new low, but the demand index does not.

There are two settings.

  • The length of the demand index is the section of the index on which the indicator is looking for divergences.
  • The difference, the divergence value between [current DI value] and [DI values up to 200] bars ago. Each found divergence [1] is displayed in the indicator window once, regardless of the period in which it was found.

In total, 20 periods up to 200 bars are checked, respectively, the maximum divergence value is 20.

Suggested settings

Index length – from 10 to 90 (optimal values are usually from 20 to 70)

The divergence difference is from 0.1 to 20 (the optimal values are usually from 0.75 to 5, but the best value may be higher depending on the volume of incoming data)

I recommend watching the tutorial video and reading the information on my website. During testing, you can experiment with different settings. Different data sources can lead to different volumes.

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Attention: Be sure to use stop losses, as the indicator gives buy signals on a downtrend that may continue.


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