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Pytrader mt4 Python


Documentation on connecting Metatrader 4 to Python with a simple drag-and-drop Expert Advisor.
Complete suitable solution, fully tested, fast and efficient!
Python MT4 EA socket
Easier than ever before! Connecting the Metatrader 4 with Python strategies with this simple drag and drop Expert Advisor has never been easier!
A complete and fast solution, tested on real trading.
Awesome features like loading bar data and creating a direct feed for your strategies with 1 line of code. Enjoy.
Python connector for MT4 with drag and drop
Growing list of features:
Python login to the Metatrader 4 terminal
Python connection support function
Get MT4 account information → Python Client
Python Client Opening new Orders → MT4 (check the order submission and receipt confirmation in MetaTrader 5)
The Python client can change (take profit, stop loss) / cancel / open orders → MT4
Python closing / partial closing of positions → MT4
Information about running MT4 → Python Client
MT4 → Python Get all open orders and positions
MT4 → Python Get static Account information
MT4 → Python Get dynamic account information such as [balance, equity, margin, free margin]

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MT4 → Python Get information about the instrument [item price, maximum lot, tick size, tick price]
MT4 → Python Getting the last tick data [date, bid, ask, volume]
MT4 → Python Get bar data [date, open, low, high, close, volume]
MT4 → Python Get an array of the last X ticks [date, bid, ask, last, volume]
MT4 → Python Get an array of the last X bars [date, open, minimum, maximum, close, volume]
MT4 → Python Get the indicator data from MT5 into your script-soon!


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