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this is this most recent iteration of my famous scalper, Goldfinch EA, first published almost a decade ago. It scalps the marketplace when there
is a sudden rise in volatility that occurs in short periods of time: it assumes and tries to capitalize on the
inertia of cost movement following a sudden acceleration in price. This new version has been simplified to enable the trader to easily use
the optimization function of the tester to find the best trading parameters. [

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| these goods

  • simple input parameters for simpler optimization
  • Customizable trade management settings
  • picking a trading session
  • Choosing the day of the week
  • Money Management

Scalpers from ticks are dangerous because many factors can ruin the result. Variable spreads and slippage reduce the mathematical
expectation of a trade, low tick density from a broker can lead to phantom trades, the stop level undermines your ability to make
a profit, and network latency means requotes. Caution is recommended.

  • The Expert Advisor uses only tick data. Please perform testing in “every tick” mode.
  • It doesn’t use HLOC data at all (high-low-open-close)
  • The timing of trading does not matter

  • Trigger: the price movement required to open a trade, in pips. (default = 10)
  • Min Time Window: the minimum time for price movement. (default = 3)
  • Maximum time window: maximum time for price movement. (default = 10)
  • Breakeven: Pips in profit to break even. Zero means disabled.
  • The behavior of break-even: Select either
    a) Move the SL to open the price or
    b) Provide half
    profit from trading
  • Trailing Stop: Trailing stop for trades, expressed as% of trading profit at that time
  • Trailing step: the minimum increment in the stop loss order.
  • Stop Loss: The stop loss in pips should have a value.
  • Take Profit: Take profit in pips. Zero means disabled.
  • Session Settings: enable / disable trading in Asian / American / European sessions
  • Day of the week settings: enable / disable trading on weekdays
  • Money Management behavior: choose any
    a) Automatic calculation of the lot size for each trade or

    b) trade a manual lot for each trade
  • Risk per trade: risk per trade, expressed as a% of the account balance
  • Manual Lot Size: for manual lot for transactions
  • Complies with NFA / FIFO: allow trading this Expert Advisor on US brokers
  • Custom Comment: Custom comment on trades
  • Magic Number: the number used by the Expert Advisor to sign and recognize its trades.
  • Slippage: maximum deviation in filling prices, in points.
  • Manual pip value: if necessary, redefine the pip value for this symbol

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30 October 2013


19 August 2019

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