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This professional Advisor will turn your losing trades right into winners employing a unique unbalanced hedging strategy. As
soon as the initial trade proceeds into negative territory by a predetermined amount of pips, the
restoration mechanism will kick in : it will place a limited number of alternative trades over and below the current price until they are these closed
with a small net profit.

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  • simple to use and control
  • Trade readily using the chart buttons
  • Fully customizable place management
  • Controlled and pre-calculated hazard level
  • Implements a variety of automatic login strategies
  • Trades micro accounts starting from 1000 dollars
  • Filter trading by forex sessions

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Recovery will fail in a minority of cases if the market remains unchanged for a long period of time. If it fails,
this entails a calculated loss.

  • Download the Expert Advisor and trade using the chart buttons
  • Do not trade with other Expert Advisors with the same symbol
  • Take only one initial trade per symbol – no more than two
  • If the buy / sell buttons are not displayed, it means that the EA is busy
  • The Expert Advisor can trade many symbols at the same time
  • But be careful: never, ever load the Expert Advisor twice on the same symbol
  • There is no need to set a different magic number to trade different symbols
  • Trade with VPS or leave your trading computer turned on 24/5
  • Try never to unload the Expert Advisor to ensure the atomicity of the process.
  • Large spreads have a negative impact on the Expert Advisor. If possible, trade from a fixed spread account
  • In accounts with a fixed spread, using a small zone is beneficial for performance
  • However, the safe zone for accounts with a variable spread is 100 pips.
  • Avoid trading if you expect the market to remain unchanged
The purpose of this Expert Advisor is not to be profitable, but to avoid avoidable losses within the free margin of the account.
  • Lotsize: the lot size of the initial trade.
  • Break-even: The profit in points at which the EA moves the stop loss above / below the opening price for the first trade.
  • Break-even behavior: After break-even, the SL can be transferred to the opening price or receive a portion of the profit.
  • Trailing Stop: A trailing stop expressed as a% of the current trading profit.
  • Trailing Step: The minimum increase in points for a trailing stop.
  • Take Profit: Stealth take profit for the first trade.
  • Entry Strategy: The Expert Advisor implements some automated entry strategies to facilitate testing on the history.
  • Trades: Maximum number of trades to place during the recovery process
  • Zone: the distance in pips between alternative orders during the recovery process
  • Behavior: the level of aggression of the recovery process
  • The goal of profit: profit target in pips for the recovery process
  • Trade Asian Session: Enable automatic trading during the Asian session
  • Trade European Session: Enable automatic trading during the European session
  • Trade American Session: enable automatic trading during the American session
  • Magic Number: The Expert Advisor uses the magic number to determine its trades
  • Custom Comment: Enter your custom comment for deals


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