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Personal implementation of this well – known tendency trading principle known as rich High, Higher Close, Lower Low, Lower Close (HHHC-HHHL). It utilizes just also the cost action to determine the direction of the trend, the trend change, along with the pullback zone.

  • Configurable breakout interval
  • Customizable colors and dimensions
  • Does n’t redraw
  • All kinds of alarms are available

The indicator defines three price zones:

  • The buy zones are shown in blue
  • revenue zones are shown in red
  • The pullback zones are shown in pink
  • Trend zones are shown in green

This indicator helps to confirm:

  • The structure and levels of the market, using historical line
  • Trends, pullbacks, and reversals using zones
  • Possible reversals or continuations when the lines are straightened

When you run the indicator on any chart, you will be asked to specify a number of input parameters. Do not despair if you think that there are too many of them. All parameters are grouped into blocks that do not require explanation. Here’s what each parameter block does.

  • Period – the breakout period in the bars to determine the trend change.
  • Multiplier – ATR multiplier for determining the trend.
  • Colors – colors of different price zones: buy, sell, pullback, and trend.
  • Alerts – setting up notifications.

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Arturo Lopez Perez, private equity investor, stock speculator, programmer, and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.


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