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PZ Stop And Reverse EA MT4


This Expert Advisor restores unprofitable trades using a consistent and controlled martingale: it places
consecutive trades with an increase in the lot size until the initial trade is restored, plus a small profit. It
offers a complete hassle-free trading environment, from managing initial trades to recovery. Please note that the Expert
Advisor has a martingale implemented, which means that it takes over the balance losses that are restored later.

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  • Easy to use and control
  • Trade easily using the chart buttons
  • Controlled and pre-calculated risk level
  • Implements a variety of automatic login strategies
  • The ability to trade using custom indicators.
  • All orders are placed with a stop loss
  • Trades micro accounts from 1000 dollars
  • Filter trading by forex sessions
  • NFA / FIFO compliant
Recovery will fail in a minority of cases. If this fails, it entails a calculated loss.

  • Download the Expert Advisor and trade using the buy or sell buttons
  • Never force you to buy and sell at the same time. Take one initial trade per symbol
  • If the buy / sell buttons are not displayed, it means that the Expert Advisor is busy
  • The Expert Advisor can trade many symbols at the same time
  • But be careful: never, ever load the Expert Advisor twice on the same symbol
  • There is no need to set a different magic number for trading different symbols
  • Trade with a VPS or leave your trading computer turned on 24/5
  • Try never to unload the Expert Advisor to guarantee the atomicity of the martingale
  • You can change the behavior of the martingale on the fly at any time
  • If possible, trade from an account with a fixed spread

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  • The Expert Advisor’s automatic entries are evaluated when the bar closes
  • The Expert Advisor uses pending orders, the connection delay should not be a problem
  • The Expert Advisor will not trade live if there is a risk of a margin call with the current settings
  • However, the Expert Advisor will trade in the tester with any settings, regardless of the risk
  • The Expert Advisor trades manually according to the lot size: the tester does not reflect complex profits
  • Session filters are implemented by GMT time and apply only to automatic recordings.
  • The Expert Advisor will have only one open trade at any given time and one pending order
  • Lotsize: the lot size of the initial transaction.
  • Break-even: the profit in points at which the Expert Advisor moves the stop loss above / below the opening price for the first trade.
  • Break-even behavior: After break-even, the SL can be transferred to the opening price or receive a part of the profit.
  • Trailing stop: A trailing stop expressed as a% of the current trading profit.
  • Trailing Step: The minimum increase in points for a trailing stop.
  • Take Profit: Take profit for the first trade.
  • Entry strategy: The Expert Advisor implements several automatic entry strategies to facilitate testing on the history. Possible
  • Transactions: The maximum number of transactions to place during the recovery process.
  • Zone: The distance in pips between the current and next orders in martingale.
  • Trade Asian Session: Enable automatic trading during the Asian session.
  • Trade European Session: Enable automatic trading during the European session.
  • Trade American Session: Enable automatic trading during the American session.
  • Magic Number: The Expert Advisor uses a magic number to determine its trades.
  • Custom Comment: Enter your custom comment for all trades here.


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