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¬†is complicated algorithm designed to grab rapid motion on GBP pairs using a STRICT STOP LOSS based strategy. Our aim is to decrease risk and drawdown making gain with a lower percentage of winning trades. because of strict stop loss, loosing trades will be far more than winning trades and in this case you can incur in loosing-days period. For our expert, protect your capital is the main concept: you will never wake up and see that your account has been burned, you’ll never risk 80-90% drawdown, you’ll never burn your account during news, you’ll never wait weeks before close positions.

Important: the expert will scalp the market at particular conditions, will not trade every day but only if those conditions are 100% running on the market.

Suggestions: before going live, test on demo! Make backtest only in “Every Tick” mode with 99,90% history quality! Backtest a long period to check strategy solidity (5 years).

—–> VPS with the minimum latency to the broker‚Äôs server is recommended

—–>¬†Low Spread¬†ECN account is¬†¬† recommended


—–>¬†Recommended timeframe: M1

– No martingale, no grid, no hedging and no risky trading methods

– Very strict stop loss strategy (3-6 pip)

– Very low drawdown

– Double money management type: Adaptive or fixed lot size

– Very fast trades

– Works on small initial deposit (from 100)

Here you can find best pairs results with full backtest report, but you can try and optimize on other pairs and timeframe. Backtest are 5 years long and we used 20 fixed points of spread but a lot of brokers offers lower value. Used default parameters.

5 years Backtest on GBPUSD M1: Deposit 1000$ РWatch full report РDeposit 100$ РWatch full report

5 years¬†Backtest on GBPJPY M1: Deposit 1000$ –¬†Watch full report¬†–¬†Deposit 100$ – Watch full report

5 years¬†Backtest on GBPCHF M1: Deposit 1000$¬†¬†Watch full report¬†–¬†Deposit 100$ –¬†Watch full report

5 years¬†Backtest on¬†GBPAUD M1:¬†Deposit 1000$¬†¬†Watch full report¬†–¬†Deposit 100$ –¬†Watch full report

5 years¬†Backtest on¬†GBPCAD M1: Deposit 1000$¬†–¬†Watch full report¬†–¬†Deposit 100$ –¬†Watch full report

Magic Number: order identifier, must be different on each chart

Pair suffix: write in the box if your broker use suffix (example: _c if pair name is EURUSD_c in market whatch list)

Pair prefix: write in the box if your broker use prefix (example: c_ if pair name is c_EURUSD in market whatch list)

Maximum spread allowed: maximum spread in pip allowed to open trades

Set Order comment: choose a comment for expert trades

Trading frequency: choose if trade with normal or high frequency

Money Management type: choose if fixed or adaptive. In adaptive case lot size will be auto-adapted to your balance

Fixed lot size: set the fixed lot size the expert will use. Only in Money Management type = Fixed

Lot size for every 1000 balance: if 0.01, ea will open 0.01 size every 1000 balabce. If your balance is 10.000 size will be 0.1 Only if Money management type = Adaptive

Min lot size – min = max for fixed size: minimum lot size allowed. Only if Money management type = Adaptive

Max lot size Рmin = max for fixed size:  maximum lot size allowed. Only if Money management type = Adaptive

Stop loss in pip: set stop loss in pip  (added to spread value)

Trailing stop step in pip: Trailing stop minimum movement in pip

Trailing stop start after pip: after how many pip start trailing stop feature

Rest of settings are about Info Panel box choose settings you prefer.

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14 December 2020


12 January 2021

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ccboi January 15, 2021 7:41 am

This scalper brings in the gains so long as you are patient and have a broker with reduced spreads. I’ve backtested myself with 99% modelling quality as well as the results are awesome. For the price of 100 USD, this EA is an unbelievable bargain. Salvatore and his staff are quick to give support. I am quite delighted with my purchase.


Actual account functions as backtest.
Update On my Real accounts, there was no commerce on GBPUSD on Monday 11th January,2021. It showed the very same results on backtest cos I check today 12th January 2021. Now After I downloaded the latest version the Author updated now, somehow and magically the backtest now reveals over 9 trades happened yesterdayin gain. .
Writer, explain this in ur response. .

Update = I’ve figured out that the reason for the difference in Live account and backtest. . At 00:00 GMT the spread on live account was above 80 points, so ofcourse no trades, while if backtest same time with”current” spread of state 5 factors, it is going to take 9 trades all in profit. . This EA is our Holy Grail, and Salvatore is our Leader :-RRB-. . Fantastic EA. .

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