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Quantina Bitcoin Indicator



  • Generates BUY / SELL signals for ease of use. You do not need to follow the market trend lines on the indicators and interpret them. Quantina Bitcoin Indicator shows the SELL signal to enter with a small
    red arrow, and the BUY signal with a small green arrow,
    respectively, above or below the current bar.
  • Green = bullish trend , red = bearish. Also, for experienced traders, the chart shows the measured signal strength.
  • The indicator works on all known currency pairs:
    major, minor, and cross pairs. Also the Quantina Bitcoin indicator
    it can be used on pairs involving gold, silver and oil.
  • Automatic adjustment to adapt to new market conditions:
    if market conditions change, the indicator can change the basic formulas
    for new calculations. In this case, you don’t need to optimize its time.
    from time to time.

Instructions for use:

  • Red line: “short” signal (sell trend)
  • Green line: “long” signal (buy trend)
  • On higher timeframes, the accuracy is higher (H1, H4, D1 )
  • Consider the numerical strength value when changing the trend/color
    to compare with the previous signal (the higher the number, the stronger the


  • Special Signal Sensitivity: true/false-enable / disable the ability to adjust the frequency of the Buy/Sell signal with sensitivity values; 
  • BUY Signal Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the BUY signal. Negative value in the
    range (-20-0). The default value is -0.001. The higher this value, the
    more trading signals you will get.- X. XXXX;
  • SELL Signal Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the SELL signal. A positive value in the
    range (0-20). By default, 20. The lower this value, the more
    trading signals you will get. Y. YYYY;
  • Alert Enabled: Alert settings, true/false for
    each of the following notification methods, including pop-up
    alerts in MetaTrader 4;
  • Push Notification Enabled: enable / disable push notifications, true / false. Trade alert to the mobile terminal in your smartphone;
  • Email Alert Enabled: Enable / disable email notification, true / false. Trade notification to your e-mail address specified in MetaTrader 4.
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