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  • The 4-5-digit platform is supported and noticed mechanically.
  • Compatible with ECN / STP actual account kinds.
  • Advanced method of breaking even (Triggering Blocking).
  • Trailing is potential before heading to breakeven.
  • individual distances for purchase and Sell orders.
  • Smart Money Manager (Calculated using Stop-Loss).
  • particular algorithm for pending orders
  • Maximum spread filter.
  • The preferences can be used in Pips or in Points.
  • Stealth Mode function to protect your account.

news trading (Straddle trading) is described as a method of simply placing two pending orders before the launch of financial news, buy-stop and sell-stop. The essence of this is to set a trap to catch the market movement after the news release, which can go either way. If the news comes out bullish, a bullish surge will trigger a buy-stop order, and perhaps the trader will be able to earn a little extra money. The same goes for bearish spikes. Therefore, in news trading, the direction of the news is not so important and irrelevant.

Place two multidirectional pending orders just a few minutes before the news release. (BuyStop – SellStop)

The market will react and move the price in one direction (long or short).


Then track and protect your executed order using the Breakeven Method (breakeven Method*) and Trailing stop.

All you need to do is set the time of the news event and the Expert Advisor will immediately open trades on the required date and time.

  • opendatetime = 2015.11.06 15: 30:00: Configurable scheduled time of the news event. Format: yyyy. mm. dd hh: mm: ss.
  • LotSize = 0.0: The size of the trading lot, if it is equal to 0.0, the Expert Advisor will calculate using your trading risk.
  • RiskPercent = 5.0: Percentage of trading risk. It will calculate the size of your traded lot. The value in percent.
  • allowbuyorders = true: Allow opening long (buy) trades.
  • allowsellorders = true: allow opening short (sell) trades.
  • countedcandlenumber = 0: The EA will place pending Buystop and Sellstop orders above and below the highest point of the previous candles ‘ maximum Buy Distance. Here you can specify how many previous candles will be counted.
  • buydistance = 10: Previously known as”pipsaway”. This value will be added only for placing pending BUYSTOP orders.
  • selldistance = 10: Formerly known as”pipsaway”. This value will be added only for placing pending SELLSTOP orders.
  • secbeforepost = 10: Seconds before publication, when the EA will place pending orders before the news release.
  • MaxSpread = 20: The maximum allowed spread during trading.
  • TrailingStop = 15: Enter the number of pips for the trailing stop, and the EA will track all profitable orders.
  • TrailingStep = 1: For any tracking, the market price must move at least a TrailingStep in pips.
  • trailbeforebreakeven = false: It is possible to run TrailingStop before breakeven.
  • breakeventrigger = 6: The market must pass at least BET pips to gain a foothold on breakevenlock to maintain your profit breakevenlock = 3.
  • StealthMode = false: The EA will not send StopLoss or TakeProfit parameters to your broker.
  • deletependingaftersec = 180: This will cancel all outstanding pending orders after a few seconds.
  • OneCancelOther = false: immediately cancels another (opposite) pending order.
  • pushnotificationenabled: If set to true and you have configured this feature in your MetaTrader terminal, Quantina Straddle Trader EA will send useful notifications to your smartphone.
  • emailalertenabled: If set to true and you have configured this feature on your MetaTrader terminal, Quantina Straddle Trader EA will send email alerts to your email address.
  • MagicNumber: Unique ID if you have more than 1 Expert Advisor working.
  • DebugMode = false: Debug mode will record more information on your chart, and can also take screenshots of your trading.
  • valuesinpip = true: Whether you configure this Expert Advisor in pips or pips values.

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