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The scalping Expert Advisor trades with high volatility of the trading instrument. The trading Expert does not use indicators. There are no problems with a floating spread, since the size of the spread is taken into account when setting the stop loss. It is recommended to use a broker with 5 signs, low spread and low ping. To protect the account from trading during the spread expansion, the “MaxSpread” parameter is added, in which you specify the maximum allowed spread. The Expert Advisor works with most currency pairs. For more accurate test results, download the quote history in your terminal (Service-Archive of quotes). Sets of parameters in the “Discussions”.


  • The Expert Advisor always uses Takeprofit, Stoploss, and Traillingstop;
  • The Expert Advisor does not use a grid or martingale system;
  • The Expert Advisor can work with small deposits.


Timeframe: M1;

Minimum deposit: any;

  • Lots – the volume of a fixed lot;
  • MoneyManagement – the volume of the lot, which depends on the size of the deposit and, set by the trader, the level of risk;
  • Risk – the level of acceptable risk;
  • Magic – unique order number;
  • TrailingStop – activating the trailingstop;
  • Stoploss – stoploss;
  • Stoploss_shift – trailing stop size;
  • TakeProfit – takeprofit;
  • VolatilityBuy – the amount of volatility for buy orders;
  • VolatilitySell – the amount of volatility for sell orders;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowed spread;
  • Step-indent for Buy/Sell Stops(in pips);

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