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This panel is designed for quick visual search of “price action” patterns for several trading instruments at the same time. It is possible to add and remove trading instruments. By clicking on the signal button, you can quickly switch to the chart with this pattern and timeframe. The panel searches for 8 candle patterns: PIN-BAR, EXTERNAL BAR, INSIDE BAR, DOJI, LEVEL, HIGH/LOW OF N BAR, FAKEY, ONE-WAY N BAR. Disabling any of the patterns is done by clicking on its header. There is also a search in the history (by previous bars) with the buttons “<<“and”>>>”, as well as Push notifications with alert periods H1, H4, D1, W1, MN.There is a flexibly configurable interface and a pattern search adjustment. The panel is scrolled using the “UP” and “DOWN” keys on the keyboard.

    • CurrencylList – A list of used trading instruments.
    • TemplateButtonSignal -The name of the template that will be applied to the chart when the signal button is clicked.
    • MillisecondTimerTick-The parameter sets the frequency of searching for new patterns in milliseconds

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    • BodyShadow – How many times the body of the pin-bara is smaller than the shadow of the bar.
    • BarClosingAndOpeningArea-Sets the closing parameter above (buy) or below(sell) the middle of the pin bar. Example on sell (LOW ((HIGT-LOW) / BarClosingAndOpeningArea)
    • LevelQuantityBar – Number of bars to search for a level.
    • TouchLevel – Number of level touches.
    • HighLowOfBar – The number of bars to search for the maximum high and minimum low.
    • FakeyQuantityBar – Number of bars to search for a level for Fakey.
    • TouchFakey – Number of touches of level c Fakey.
    • BreakDownBar – Number of bars to search for a false breakout.
    • CoefficientFakey-A coefficient that sets the size of the false breakout pin (the larger the value, the smaller the breakout pin).
    • OneWayBars – The number of unidirectional bars in the series.

Column_Settings-sets the order of the patterns in the columns.

PushNotifications _Settings

    • NotificationPeriod – The period for sending Alert and Push notifications .
    • Notification-Enables and disables sending Push notifications.
    • Alerts – Enables and disables sending Alerts.
    • Send…– Enables and disables notifications for BUY and SELL signals.

Interface_ Settings – Color settings of the panel interface.

SignalButton_Settings – Color settings of the signal buttons.

Button _Settings – Color settings for currency buttons.


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