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Range Bars Charting


Range pubs for MetaTrader 5 is a unique tool for performing technical evaluation right on the charts, since the index is
superimposed on the main graph, and range pubs are calculated using actual tick data. dealers can
set and modify orders directly on the range bar graph (even when using one-click trading)

in addition to the range bars, this indicator also includes the most commonly used technical analysis tools, which
are moving averages (easy, exponential, smoothed, linearly optional, volume weighted using
tick or real volumes), configurable at the user’s discretion.

Several types of channels can be displayed directly on the range bar charts themselves. These include the Donchian Channel, Bollinger Bands, and Super

Individual studies can be enabled/disabled at the trader’s discretion.

  • Range bar size (in points) – the size of the range bar in points
  • Enable ATR based bar size calculation (Yes/No) – use custom values for the ATR period and percentage of the daily ATR value
    to calculate the size of bars. Displays the history for the specified number of days (plus the current one) for the analyzed history volume)
  • Show history for number of days-display the specified number of days (plus the current one) for the analyzed history volume
  • Synchronize first bar’s open on a new day (true/false) – synchronize the opening time of the first bar on a new day (true/false)
  • Use padding Top/Bottom (0.0 – 1.0) – upper and lower bounds above and below the visible high and low of the histogram
  • Show pivot levels-display monthly, weekly and daily pivot levels plus daily R1, R2, R3 and S1, S2, S3 (using
    the standard method and the Fibonacci method), as well as the high, low and close of the previous day, using color symbols
  • Pivot Point calculation method – method for calculating pivot points ((H L C)/3 or (O H L C)/4)
  • Pivot
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