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Promo Price : 999 USD instead of 2400 USD until september !

Did you know that the only way to last for years is tighter stoploss than takeprofit ? ? You are at the right place

Why is it important ? If you are profitable with SL < TP and single entry then it's no luck, you truly beat the market.

Live signal with real account

This robot will anticipate the biggest market movements on gold, between 2000 and 8000 points.

No indicators, no candles or timeframes used, only pure price action.

This is my only algorithm really stable since 2003, so there is no reason for it to change

The robot trades on XAUUSD (Gold). Just put it on this currency pair, time frame M15 only.

Choose an acceptable risk for you (fixed or dynamic lot) and test the robot in the tester.

Just use this bot if you like it.

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