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  • Optimized to work on EURUSD
  • Run on the M5
  • Price and indicator analysis is used
  • Trades in the direction of the trend.
  • Analyzes 4 timeframes.
  • analyzes the price and MovingAvarage (MA). The market conditions in each TF are analyzed separately, then the overall picture.
  • The algorithm is shown in the screenshot below
  • Set files in comments

The MT4 version:


MT5 Version:

  • close_orders_on_weekend-closes the trade on Friday for close_orders_on_weekend_minute minutes before 0: 00
  • MM_invisible-true ‚Äď virtual MM. When you restart the EA, the old levels are not remembered
  • SLIPPAGE ‚Äď Slippage
  • Size_of_lot – “Fix_lot” deals are opened with a fixed volume specified in the “lots__” parameter. “Smart_lot_by_risk” volume is calculated dynamically, “max_risk” – max risk. If the capital is reduced, the volume will not be reduced
  • magic_number¬†‚Äď magic
  • trailing – type of StopLoss (Full description in the attachment)
    1. Classic_SL-the “SL_ ” parameter¬Ľ
    2. Trailing_SL-parameters “SL_” and “TRSL_¬Ľ
    3. Breakeven_SL-parameters “SL_“, “TRSL_1“, “TRSL_2“, “TRSL_3¬Ľ
    4. Trailing_SL_by_jumps-parameters “SL_” and “TRSL_¬Ľ
  • TP_ ‚Äď TakeProfit
  • Timeframe-TF, it is recommended to set TF in ascending order
  • tf_ma_period ‚Äď MA period
  • tf_angle-min angle of inclination MA
  • tf_percent ‚Äď percent of the MA
  • tf_percent_cross_price-max % from the previous price and MA intersection to the current price
  • quant_bars_for_scale ‚Äď number of candles to scan the market in history
  • num_bar_angle_last ‚Äď the number of bars between which the angle is measured.
  • all_ma_method-MA calculation type
  • all_ma_price ‚Äď price type MA
  • COMBO_-signal options

We recommend performing optimization once every 2-3 months, at an interval of 20 to 28 months.

To optimize, use all parameters from the MAIN PARAMETERS and MONEY MANAGMENT PARAMETERS groups.

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13 March 2017


01 August 2020

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