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Raschke Swing Trading


The original trading strategy was developed by Linda Bradford Raschke, one of the most famous female traders in the world. Raschke is a trader and, accordingly, trades on small timeframes. Her trading style is characterized primarily by the fact that she uses clearly formulated strategies in which the initial risk is kept as small as possible. This is the advantage of this strategy. There is a predefined stop level with a calculated risk and a very good chance of success.

First of all, a few words about this strategy.

Input signals are formed with strong trend movements whenever a correction is formed on an exponentially weighted 20-period GD (EMA). The strength of the trend is measured using the ADX indicator. The stronger the trend, the higher the ADX value. The strategy assumes an ADX value of more than 30. The strategy works with immediate loss limitation instead of the initial stop loss. Immediately after opening a position, the trade is hedged through a stop loss at the swing minimum.

The strength of the signal is an excellent chance-to-risk ratio for testing the inputs on strong intraday trends. Due to the initial value of the stop loss, the risk is limited to a few points. If a strong trend continues to develop, then you will get a profit that is many times greater than the risk. Keep in mind that you should always trade in the direction of the trend. Use multiple SMA indicators (50/100/200) to determine the overall direction. Do not open trades if the situation is unclear.

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The indicator allows you to select settings based on your own preferences. But keep in mind that there is a well-established configuration made by Linda Raschke. However, you can freely change settings such as the MA period or the ADX level. The standard settings are original.

  • ADX: Period – the period of the ADX indicator.
  • ADX: Level – the level of the ADX indicator, when it is reached, an alert is sent.
  • MA: Period – the period of the moving average.
  • MA: Method – Moving average method (simple, exponential, etc.).
  • MA: Applied Price – the price used to calculate the moving average (Close, Open, etc.).
  • History Bars Limit – the number of bars in the history to analyze.
  • Alert-Settings – notification settings. Notifications are available in a pop-up window, via email, and on a mobile device.


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