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The Real Price Action Expert Advisor is designed to work on lower timeframes and highly volatile pairs. The Expert Advisor can make trades in any direction and fix the profit when the price moves back. Usually, the currency pair moves up or down. If the volatility exceeds the spread, and there is also a reserve for making a profit, the Expert Advisor tries to make a trade. To increase the number of transactions, an additional trading module is used.

Two trading modules

There are two trading modules available in the Expert Advisor:

  • Signal module
  • Breakdown module
  • The target level is set close

Signal module

The Expert Advisor uses the H1 timeframe to calculate the trend, and opens orders on the lower timeframe. Before you start using it, you need to test the Expert Advisor and select the appropriate timeframe. The recommended lower timeframe is M5, M15 and M30.

Breakdown module

The Expert Advisor calculates support and resistance levels using the ZigZag indicator on the current timeframe. When the price breaks the resistance or support level, the EA opens a buy or sell trade. Then it waits for the take profit to close.

Does not use stop loss

The EA does not use stop loss, so there may be a huge drawdown on the account. In this regard, it requires a lot of capital to trade a small lot. Such a large drawdown (if it appears on the account) will be a good preparation for a beginner, will help to overcome fear and will be profitable in long-term trading. For beginners, I recommend trading with a minimum lot for every $ 5,000.

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Easy to set up

You need to adjust the lot size and take profit level depending on the volatility of the pair. To do this, the Expert Advisor must be tested in the strategy tester.

  • LOTS =0.01 – lot size
  • PROFIT_LEVEL – take profit level


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