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Rebate System Overlap


Rebate System Overlap makes a large number of trades with a minimum profit, which makes it possible to earn money by receiving a rebate (return of a part of the spread).

It is based on two grids (for buying and for selling), when one of them is in a drawdown, the other can enter with an increased lot, maintaining the account from the drawdown.

Differences from the usual Rebate System Expert Advisor in the mode of closing suspended trades in one of the grids at the expense of the previously received profit.

Input parameters

  • StopAfterTP-Stop trading after all grids are closed;
  • setName – The name of the settings, checked with the name of the currency pair;
  • TF_FirstOrder – The period for opening the first orders of the grid;
  • TF_SeriesOrder – Period for opening averaging orders;
  • Lot – Lot size;
  • TakeProfit-Take profit;
  • StepNextOrder – Minimum allowed distance between grid orders;
  • LotMultiply – The value by which the lot of the current open order will be multiplied.;
  • MaxTrades – The maximum number of orders in the grid;
  • Overlap order number – From which order will the mode of closing the most distant orders with the profit already received be activated;
  • Raise take after overlap – Increase the take after the overlap is triggered(Overlap)

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Lock parameters

  • Lock-number series – The number of the order in the series, after which the opposite network will increase the lot for locking;
  • Lock – % lots grid-The percentage of locking, the lot size as a percentage of the amount of the opposite network;
  • Lock-max lot – The maximum lot of the first locking order.

Other parameters

  • Close at drawdown, % – Close all orders when the specified drawdown on the account is reached
  • Pause after close, hour – How much not to trade after closing on drawdown
  • Slippage – Slippage
  • MagicNumber – Identification number
  • OrdersComment-Comment on orders

      Visualization parameters

      • Color_BE_buy – the color of the breakeven level for purchases
      • Color_BE_sell – color of the breakeven level for sales
      The parameters in for four-digit quotes, on five-digit ones will be automatically multiplied by 10


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