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Recovery Grip Meta 4



that this recovery grip method can recover both an isolated reduction and a reduction made by a grip or multiple orders, the algorithm slowly compensates the losses until the equity yields to zero.

The time it takes for the algorithm to undo the reduction is proportional to the volatility of the group and the size of the loss.This system permits you to test the algorithm before purchase.For this, it’s a powerful simulation system in which you can decide whether your loss is one order or a grab.It also allows you to choose the number of orders of the grip, see the martingale factor and the distance between orders.Finally, it allows you to choose the distance at which the algorithm starts, marked on the graph with a dashed yellow line.

                                    You can download the demo and test it yourself. 

How to test the EA

To test the ea in backtest, follow these steps:

1) Choose a graph to be able to use the grip or the order that will simulate your loss.

2) Configure the strategy tester to test that area. Choosing the start date of the test.

3) Input for the preparation of the grip that we want to recover.

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1) Select if the loss to simulate is with sell or with buy using the parameter: Grip, in which you choose one of the two options.

2) Choose between a grip system or a single command to simulate a large loss or a loss grip. using the parameter: Type of Simulated. The algorithm is the same for both.

3) If you chose to simulate a grip, use the parameter  Number orders grip to choose the number of grip orders.

4) The next step is to choose the batch of the unique order, or choose the initial batch of the first order of the grip with the parameter Lot test init.

5) If you chose to simulate a grip, use the parameter Lot_multiplier to choose the multiplier of the martingale of the grip to start.

6) With the next step, the distance between the grip orders is chosen with the parameter  Distance grip.

7) Finally the distance from the last order to the start of the recovery algorithm, with this parameter we mark the moment 0 of the start of the simulation that would coincide with the moment when the robot starts in real time.  With the parameter  Distance init_recovery,

The recovery system has 2 recovery algorithms that can work in parallel by marking both of them true or separately by marking false in one of them.

Algorithm 1 has three phases, on this algorithm phase 1 and 2 are automatic and phase 3 can be activated or deactivated, the moment in which phase 2 starts and phase 1 ends is marked by the number of orders opened by this algorithm and is selected with the Init phase 2 parameter.

Algorithm 1 has a blocking system when the recovery distance and the lot volume increase, it is only activated in this final part and the blocking can be configured for buying or selling with the corresponding inputs.

The second algorithm has 2 phases, the first is always active and you can choose whether or not to start the second with true or false in the Used Phase 2 Recovery 2 parameter .

Input parameters: See instruction here:  https://www.mql5.com/es/blogs/post/739743

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a successful trading.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a successful trading.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a successful trading.

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