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Regression Channel double


A trading robot for a real account. It is a development of the idea behind the popular Regression Channel robot. Unlike its predecessor, it uses a bidirectional trading algorithm. Trading is carried out within a channel bounded by regression curves. Trades are protected by a stop loss.


Trading is carried out within a trend channel bounded by polynomial regression curves. The direction and strength of the trend is determined by the gradient of the channel curves during trading. Market entry and exit are made near the boundary regression curves. Trades are opened only in the direction of the trend, so most of them are closed with a profit. Unprofitable positions are averaged by additional trades, which are calculated so that their totality is also closed with a profit. The presence of a trading cycle in one of the parties when the criteria are met allows the beginning of a second cycle in the other direction. This reduces drawdowns during averaging and increases the utilization rate of price movements. As the deposit increases, the volume of transactions increases due to money management.


The default parameters are optimized for trading with minimal risk on EURUSD H1. Testing with these parameters was carried out on the quotes of a real account. Test results: the robot with an initial deposit of$ 100 on the EURUSD H1 instrument, in the period from 01/01/16 to 21/04/17, earned $ 840, net profit at the end of 15 months of trading was 840%; with an initial deposit of $ 1000 and an initial lot increased to 0.05, earned$ 8000, net profit was 800%.

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No indicators are required for the robot to work. To visually observe the regression curves that the robot calculates, it is convenient to use an additional i-Regr indicator, which can be installed on the same chart together with the robot. The indicator file is provided on the discussion page. The input parameters of the degree, kstd, and bars indicator should be set the same as the robot’s input parameters of the same name (the default parameters are already agreed). The robot is easily optimized to work on other currency pairs and timeframes. The parameters that you want to optimize are indicated below with a sign ( * ). The optimization method is shown in the video.


Basic parameters

  • Language messages – the language of the robot’s messages (English, Russian);
  • Magic number – the magic number for orders;
  • Entry criteria – distance to the trend line (in % of the channel width) for entering/exiting a trade;
  • Gradient criterion – the minimum gradient of the regression channel at which entry into the market is allowed, pt;
  • Offset for determining Gradient criterion – the offset of the historical bar relative to which the gradient is determined;
  • Distance to belay purposes – distance to belay purposes, Fri.

Regression channel parameters

  • Order of regression (degree) – the order of regression;
  • Channel width (kstd) – channel width;
  • Number of bars in the channel (bars) – the number of bars for which regression lines are calculated.

Averaging parameters

  • Step of averaging positions – averaging step, fri (*);
  • Coefficient of change of the lot – the coefficient of increasing the lot;
  • Maximum number of steps for averaging positions – maximum number of averaging steps (if exceeded, close all steps).) (*);
  • Coefficient of stop – stop coefficient (the percentage of the averaging step that determines the stop behind the level of the last order, 0.1 … 1) (*);
  • Specified profit with averaging – the specified averaging profit, $ per 0.01 lot.

Additional parameters

  • Clearance – the gap above the characteristic points (points);
  • Use money management-use money management (Yes, No);
  • Initial lot – initial lot (*).

The interface parameters allow you to set the style of displaying information on the screen and do not require comments.

The robot can be used on 5-digit or 4-digit quotes. The robot determines the bit depth of the quotes automatically. In this case, the input parameters specified in the paragraphs should always be set as for 5-digit quotes (set by default).

If you have any questions, please send me a private message. I’ll be happy to help.


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