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It would be good to always be aware of the” struggle ” between buying and selling. Then it would be easier to decide which way is best to go, so as not to be a loser. This indicator offers a unique solution to this problem: the size of supply and demand is compared with the maximum and minimum prices for the selected period, thereby trying to determine the market movement in the strong direction, without ignoring the strength of the opposite side. All this is displayed in a separate window using four indicators. The blue histogram shows the strength of the uptrend, while the red one shows the strength of the downtrend. The first line shows the movement of the market, and the second, green line – the level of resistance, overcoming which is a sign of a change in the direction of the market.

  • period – the number of bars to calculate the indicator. (Minimum value is 2)
Indicator lines are not smoothed, redrawn, and line values are not averaged. Thanks to this, the indicator does not lag, and when there is a change in direction, you do not need to wait for the formation of several candlesticks for signals to arrive. (See in the first screenshot how the reverse intersection occurs immediately). This can be useful for scalping or for exiting a choppy market to avoid further losses.

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  • blue histogram – ” the power of buyers”,
  • red histogram – ” strength of sellers”,
  • trend line – ” market inclination”,
  • resistance line – “the level of strength of resistance to the market”.

For successful trading using the indicator, you need to select a large period and analyze all four indicators.

All successful profits!


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