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this index displays renko pubs on the graph, assembles a MACD histogram on them and provides buy/sell signals:

  • sign of the MACD histogram crossing its sign line;
  • signal of crossing the line 0 by the MACD histogram.

Renko is a technical screen of price movement, by which not each bar of the time interval is displayed on the chart, but only if
the price has passed over a specified variety of points. Renko bars are not tied to a time interval, so the index can use the
same efficiency on any interval.

Buy/sell signals are output to indicator buffers and can be used for automated trading. Signal with symbol 1
shows the crossing of histogram signal line, the signal symbol 2 – the intersection of the histogram of level 0.

In parallel with the signals on the chart, the indicator can issue alerts in a pop-up window, to e-mail and mobile device.

  • renkobar – the size of renko bars (set for 4-digit quotes, automatically recalculated for 5-and 3-digit quotes);
  • CountBars – the number of renko bars displayed on the chart;
  • bearcolor – color of the bear bar;
  • bullcolor – color of the bull bar;
  • hidebars-indicates whether standard bars are hidden on the chart
  • macdfast – period of the fast MACD line;
  • macdslow – period of the slow MACD line;
  • macdsignal – period of the MACD signal line;
  • MacdColor – the color of the MACD histogram;
  • signalcolor – color of the MACD signal line;
  • showsignal_1-resolution of the signal crossing the signal line by the histogram;
  • showsignal_2-resolution of the signal when the histogram crosses the line 0;
  • UseAlert-allow notifications in the pop-up window;
  • usemail-allow email alerts;
  • usenotification – allowing notifications to be sent to a mobile device;
  • messagesignal_1 – text of the alert about signal 1;
  • messagesignal_2 – text of the alert about signal 2.
  • customeventbuy_1, customeventbuy_2, customeventsell_1, customeventsell_2 – events generated by the indicator (0-not used)

Indicator events can be processed by the Expert Advisor in the OnChartEvent function:

void OnChartEvent(const int id, const long 

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01 July 2016


23 August 2019

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Gary Goldman January 14, 2021 11:54 am

I bought MACD RENKO from this programmer and the graphs do not appear like the charts on this website.

I have tried reaching out to Sergey with a number of emails but he has not responded or shown any interest in repairing the issue.

BTW, this Indicator expects that you lease a virtual server for $10.00 a month… Actual Rip-Off! (Not Disclosed).

I recommend staying away from this man until he gets his act together.