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Ri7 is an automatic trading robot, a trend scalper. They will determine the trend and enter the market during a pullback (correction). It trades quite rarely (~10 trades per month), as it expects the most accurate signal. It can open up to two orders on the same currency at the same time. Each trade has its own Stop Loss and Take Profit.

The Expert Advisor is designed to work on the GBPUSD pair on the M5 timeframe. It is also possible to work on EURUSD.


  • Grid StrategyNOT used.
  • MartingaleNOT used.
  • Hedging and arbitrageNOT used.
  • The ability to work in a portfolio with other advisors.
  • Support for 4-and 5-digit quotes.
  • Round-the-clock automatic operation (no need to disable it on the news).
  • Positive results of testing the strategy for a long historical period (from 1999 to the present day), including on quotes with a quality of 99%.


  • 5-digit ECN and STP accounts with an average spread on GBPUSD of no more than 25 points.
  • The deposit is $200.
  • Leverage from 1:50-100 (depending on the expected risks).


  • Trailing — on / off trailing profit (it starts when the order reaches 80 points of profit).
  • Risk-calculation of the transaction size (lot) depending on the deposit size in % (what is the maximum amount you are willing to risk in one transaction, in % relative to the deposit size).
  • FixLot — fixed transaction size (does not change depending on the size of the deposit). This parameter becomes active when Risk=0 is set.
  • AutoGMT — enables / disables the function for automatically determining the time shift of your broker to GMT time (for testing in the strategy tester, you need to set the shift of your broker manually!).
  • SummerGMT — the summer shift of your broker to GMT (the parameter is active only when AutoGMT=false).
  • WinterGMT — winter shift to GMT (this parameter is only active when AutoGMT=false).
  • ShowIndication-displays the display on the chart.
  • MagicNumber — the identification number of the EA’s orders (each order on the same currency uses its own identification number according to the MagicNumber principle(order number). For example, if MagicNumber = 1000, the identification number for the first order will be 1000 1=1001, for the second 1000 2=1002)
  • EAComment-a comment on the EA’s orders.
  • MaxSpread — the maximum allowed spread at which the EA will open orders.


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05 February 2016


19 December 2016

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Benoit Blais April 10, 2021 10:07 am

Je l’utilise sur les paires EUR\/USD et GBP\/USD. La efficiency est moyenne. Il peut \u00eatre utilis\u00e9 avec d’autre robot sans risque. C’est une bonne strat\u00e9gie \u00e0 ajouter \u00e0 boy investissement.

Adam Goman April 10, 2021 10:07 am

In the Euro, he demonstrated poor behavior, eliminated it. Let’s begin to see the the following month only GU.