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Risk Manager Pro is a simple utility that calculates the required lot size with the risk percentage and stop loss in pips before opening a position.

Online calculators can be useful in some cases, but they are not effective for opening positions in real time. When trading, a small number of trading opportunities arise, and when they do, seconds are crucial. This is not possible with conventional online calculators, since you need to enter several values to calculate the position size and stop loss distance. These actions can take quite a long time.

The Risk Manager Pro utility trades on all currency pairs using only instant execution orders. You need to display all pairs in the “Market Overview” window by right-clicking and selecting “Show all symbols”.

The lot size is calculated automatically after entering the risk percentage and stop loss in pips. The take profit level is not required.

Important data is calculated in real time, such as the required margin, the total number of lots, the lot size for each position, and the pip value.

The Risk Manager Pro utility works on all timeframes.

For more information, see the screenshots.

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