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Robot assistant, from the VT team.
About risk management in trading:

Competent risk management in trading –
this is the key to success in solving your main tasks, with active manual trading, on the stock market: discipline and control of emotions!

This assistant will help you easily limit the risks for each transaction, and correctly set profit levels.
who have been trading on the foreign exchange market for a long time already know that the correct risk/profit ratio is an effective tool in their work.

Previous losses are covered by the following gains. If you do not put the same size of stop orders more than once, and do not drag them,

the fact that the market will still go in your direction. Correct trading and compliance with all the points of its algorithm of actions, give their
fixed results.

Acting according to the rule: Short risk and big profits, the realization will come that the work can be permanent and stable if you do everything

Limiting risks and their correct placement is the key to the success of every trader.
This robot assistant, with
ease, will help to comply with the rules of margin trading.

The risk (sl) and takeprofits (tp) assistant can bet on the whole of your deposit or part of it.

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  • Choice of Risk – Choosing the type of risk. In money or as a percentage of the deposit.
  • Risk ( sl ) Value – The amount of risk. It is set in conventional units, either as a percentage of everything or of its
    parts of the deposit.
  • Profit ( tp ) Value – The amount of profit. It is set in conventional units, either as a percentage of everything or from
    his part of the deposit.

Note: The VT Expert automatically sets the risk and profit levels for open or newly opened transactions. According
to the parameters you set.

                      There is also a trailing stop option in the parameters, which, when the price moves in your direction, will transfer all transactions to breakeven.


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