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An addition to the standard Relative Strength Index (RSI) index, which permits you to set up different types of notifications about events associated with this indicator. for people who do not know what this indicator is useful for, read here. This variant is for Metatrader 4, the version for Metatrader 5 is here.

currently implemented events:

  • crossing in top to bottom – the top sign level (default 70) – a market signal.
  • Crossing from the bottom up – the upper signal level (default 70) – a market signal.
  • Crossing from top to bottom – the reduced signal level (default 30) – a buy signal.
  • Crossing from the bottom up – the lower signal level (default 30) – a buy signal.
  • Crossing from top to bottom-level 50 – a sell signal.
  • Crossing from the bottom up – level 50 – a buy signal.

If necessary, the value of these signal levels is edited in the settings by the variables – maxLevel and minLevel.

What types of notifications can be configured:

  • Beep with a pop-up message window-Alert.
  • Sending notifications to the mobile terminal (for smartphones and tablets)

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In order to turn on the sound signal with a pop-up message on the RSI indicator Alerts-you just need to turn on Alerts = true in the settings, to turn off Alerts = false.

In order for you to receive notifications to your mobile terminal about RSI signals, enable the sendnotifications = true variable, having previously configured MetaQuotes ID in the terminal settings (if you do not know where).

The sound signal and notifications can work both simultaneously and separately.

There is also such a parameter as alertshift-this is the number of the candle by which the signal is searched.

For example, if alertshift = 1, then signals are received only on fully formed candlesticks, on the last of them.

And if you set alertshift = 0, then the signals will arrive at the current candle – zero, note that in this case the signal may be false.

It is possible to change the text in the message. In the messageup and messagedown variables, the %level% icons will be replaced with the level that the indicator crossed.

If you need any additional functionality to the indicator, write to us.


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