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Our custom RSI indicator uses the standard RSI calculation, but it adds a few super-useful upgrades. In our opinion this is the RSI indicator that should come standard with MT4! Have a look and decide for yourself!

Our indicator has the following benefits:

  • Never miss another RSI set-up when you are away from your computer
  • A colored RSI line makes it easy to see when price is overbought or oversold
  • Get alerts when price moves into overbought/oversold, out of overbought/oversold, or both
  • Customize how you want to receive alerts: screen, mobile app push notification and email. Choose one or more methods that work for you.

You can easily configure all the settings including:

  • What the levels are to define overbought and oversold
  • What colours are used to plot the overbought and oversold levels
  • Whether to be alerted on the RSI indicator entering the extreme region or leaving it or both
  • What alerts to receive out of pop-up desktop, e-mail and push notification to your phone

Input Parameters

RSIPeriod: the lookback period of the RSI indicator

Overbought Level: the value of the RSI indicator where the market is defined to be overbought

Oversold Level: the value of the RSI indicator where the market is defined to be oversold

AlertType: trigger alerts when the market enters an extreme (overbought or oversold) region, when it leaves an extreme region or both

DoAlert: if set to true a desktop pop-up alert will appear from your MetaTrader terminal whenever an Inside Bar forms

DoNotification: if set to true then a push notification message will appear on your MetaTrader smart phone app

DoEmail: if set to true then an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with the alert information in

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16 October 2018


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