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Rule Based Custom EA


I give this EA for Free. But i would be happy, if you share profitable configs with me. Thanks.

With the RuleBasedCustomEA you can prove and trade your strategy without coding a single line.

You can combine 10 rules out of 180 for the perfect entry. And 2 exits with each 3 rules.

With over 180 Rules for entry and exits you can build an nearly unlimited amout of Tradingrobots.
At this time 12 Indicators are supported. BB, ADX, ATR, Stoch, Envelopes and so on. More will follow.


– Every Configuration you run on DEMO or Liveaccount must have a unique MagicNumber. Otherwise one configuration will kill each others trades.
– Simulate the Strategy on demo before you run it on liveaccounts
– there are a Parameter “EA_ConfigName”. Please use it to descripe your Strategy. Otherwise you can loose control over the large amount of Configurations.  Example: 210117_0101_EURUSD_M30_MACD_DEMO (YEAR MONTH DAY Version Subversion Symbol Timeframe ShortDescOfStrat TargetAccount)
– i must put in a demo configuration and set the LOT from 0.1 to 1 to pass the automatic validation of this ea

If you find a profitable strategy -> i will be happy, if you share it with me 😉

Known Problems:

– DEMA and TEMA doesn’t work on Daily Timeframe. At this time i don’t know how to fix ist.

[spoiler title=”

// ——————————————————————

//| INPUT PARAMETER                                                  |

// ——————————————————————

EA Configuration Name -> Please use an descriptive name like 210117_0101_EURUSD_M30_MACD_DEMO

EA Magic Number  -> Each EA configuration must have his own EA Number, if running on Demo or Liveaccount.

Lots to Trade -> Lotsize 4 Position


AutoLot -> Calculate the Lotsize on the size of your account

“Reduce Loosing Streaks”;

ReduceToMinimalLotsizeOnLoss (overrides GetBackMode) -> On loss the EA will reduce the lotsize until a winning trade was made



ShowOnScreenText (Turn Off to increse Backtest) -> Shows Configname and additional Informations on Screen


ExcludeCovidSpike (excludes March-April 2020)


OpenLongPosition -> should the EA open long positions?

OpenShortPosition -> should the EA open short positions?

“Signal Confirmation”;

OrderTimeout (1-x) (0=immediately) -> Wait for a confirmation for x bars. Open the trade if the price is over the high of the trigger bar.

AddPips (0-x) -> Add X pips to the trigger bar high for confirmation

“ENTRY Rules for Long (AND) (Short are inverse)”;

EntryReactionTime -> wait for completing the bar or react immediately

EntryRule1-10 -> 10 Rule wich are combined with AND for Entry

“EXIT1 Rules (AND)”;

Exit1ReactionTime -> wait for completing the bar or react immediately

Exit1Rule1-3 -> 3 Rule wich are combined with AND for Exit 1

“EXIT2 Rules (AND)”;

Exit2ReactionTime -> wait for completing the bar or react immediately

Exit2Rule1-3 -> 3 Rule wich are combined with AND for Exit 1


VolaRatioCalculation -> ATR_ATR and TTR-ATR works fine. the other two throws the same values. I must check them


Enable_GetBackMode (HIGH RISK!) -> After each loss the Lotsize will be increased to get the loss back. It works only on FixedSL,FixedTP and FixedLotSize

Max_GetBackModeIncrements -> How often should the Lotsize be increased. It Helps to prevent a Accountdesaster


ExitPositionPeriods (0=Disabled) -> Close the Pos after x Bars

OnlyExitLosses -> Exit only Losses

All other parameter should be self explained

Otherwise ask me.

Happy Trading!

P.S.: thanks to Dmitry Voronkov for the permission to use parts of his Sourcecode from his great article about CandleStickPattern ( )

Viele grüße



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