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RunwiseFX Configurable Strategy Automator


This highly customizable board for manual trading also permits you to automate a few trading activities, for example
alerts, opening, closing, and partial closing of transactions, topping up, placing impending orders, setting stop reduction, take
gain, and much more. you will find interactive controls on the graph, such as checkboxes and switches. The Expert Advisor
comprises the functions of currency management, information events, concealed stop loss, take profit and pending orders, tracking stop,
trade log, etc. it also supports the use of multiple accounts.

The complete user guide from PDF format is available in the Discussion section.

  • Automates trading rules, reads them from a text file – we will be happy to help you prepare such a file
  • The rules can perform a variety of actions, including alerts, opening / closing trades, setting pending orders, and setting up
    stop loss and take profit levels, sending push notifications, screenshots, and much more
  • The rules can be based on the readings of custom indicators, on multiple timeframes, and also include other information
    from MetaTrader, for example, about the price action.
  • The rules can be interactive thanks to the controls on the graph, for example, include a field to turn on/off
    rules or a button to launch a rule on a mouse click.
  • Fully compatible with strategy tester and optimizer – use the Expert Advisor for strategy optimization, automatic brute force
    different values for key parameters
  • Calculation of the lot size – based on the risk in the form of % from the funds in the account or a fixed value.
  • It can be used for manual one-click trading in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes.
  • News and necessary actions related to them.
  • Hidden levels of stop loss, take profit, and pending orders.
  • Ability to manually place stop loss, take profit, and pending order lines on the chart
  • The ability to set hidden levels of pending orders to alert or open a market order. Based on the closing price
    candles, can be set with expiration date
  • Automatic stop loss-uses a professional-level indicator or other methods.
  • Automatic take profit based on the risk-to-profit ratio.
  • The trailing stop is triggered when the target profit is reached
  • Sets the stop loss/take profit levels for the broker, but at a greater distance than the virtual / actual levels.
  • Scaling deals, increasing and decreasing them, automatic scaling when the price level is reached
  • Reliable error handling, spread checking, etc. are essential for real accounts
  • Log entry of order execution time, slippage, and profit in a CSV file.
  • Hedging support and FIFO rules.
  • Automatically takes screenshots when opening a trade (disabled function)
  • It includes trend indicators on multiple timeframes, support and resistance, pivot points, and a customizable indicator.
    Average True Range, indicators of the current spread and prices of supply and demand in large text with a color change when the price changes.
  • Includes rules for entering/exiting based on the trend and stop loss reversal, as well as a button to close all trades.
  • A growing library of ready-made rules that can be copied and pasted into a configuration file, such as automatic closing of trades
    before the release of important economic news
  • Multiple accounts are supported – actions on the main account can be copied to one or more other accounts

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Check out the video and attached screenshots, as well as the user’s guide, available at the link on the “Discussion” tab of the product.


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