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The SAB Trend indicator paints bars in different colors depending on the current state of the market and signals the user about a change in trend. SAB Trend is a new product that allows you to identify the current market phase (uptrend, downtrend or flat). The product is perfect for trading currencies (including cryptocurrencies) and binary options. The indicator has several modes of operation. It can work both in real time and in signal generation mode, for example, for training a neural network. To configure real-time operation, you need to change the ForNeural parameter to false. Check all the settings, there are not many of them and you will see what opportunities the indicator has.
Suitable for scalping and intraday trading. There is no redrawing (recalculation) of the indicator, the signal is strictly at the “closing of the bar”. It can be used as an independent tool, or in conjunction with other indicators. Simple indicator setup, minimum settings. It works on any financial instruments and markets.
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