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Salva EA is an advanced, fully automated system that has been tested on history since 2005. The basis of this strategy is the price chart itself, trading is conducted from the range of price movement. Dynamic algorithms and filters are used to capture profit or close a trade. Built-in redesigned filter system for entering and exiting the market:

  • Checking the trading direction using the built-in trend indicators;
  • Checking the channel range by the minimum and maximum values;
  • Checking the price out of the range;
  • Output by time, by range extension.

Salva EA works best on the following pairs with default settings:


Working schedule: M5

Minimum deposit to start:$100-200

The Salva EA Expert Advisor is already set up to work – just select a pair and the risk level!

All default settings are for brokers with a time of GMT 2 (ManualTimeOffsetGMT = 2). If your broker’s time zone is different from GMT 2, you should make a time zone offset in the settings. The article explains how to do this – (in English).

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The system works best on brokers with fast execution and a narrow spread. It is recommended to use VPS.

  • This is not martingale, not arbitrage.
  • Ready to work without any pre-configuration.
  • Always use a stop loss to protect your investment.
  • Easy to use (no complicated settings).
  • TypeSet – Preset parameters mode. There are 3 modes available. Test everything and choose the right set for you.
  • FixedLots – fixed size of the opened lot.
  • RiskPercent – the percentage of the lot size depending on the equity (5-8% is recommended; if you want to quickly increase the deposit, you can set 10-15%, but remember that drawdowns and the risk of loss increase accordingly).
  • TakeProfit-manual setting of TakeProfit. At 0, it is calculated automatically, depending on the conditions and the current volatility.
  • StopLoss-manual billingStopLoss. At 0, it is calculated automatically, depending on the conditions and the current volatility.
  • VolatilATRFilter-the coefficient of the volatility filter, which affects the total number of transactions.
  • LimitOrders – the number of simultaneously opened trades in one direction through the distance specified in the NextOrdersDist. For conservative trading, specify LimitOrders = 1.
  • NextOrdersDist – the distance in points after which the top-up order will open.
  • ChannelPeriod – the number of bars to calculate the range of price movement.
  • ChannelShiftEntry – the number of points to offset from the range.
  • MinSizeChannel – the minimum width of the range.
  • ExitAfterMinutes – after how many minutes the algorithm looks for an opportunity to close an order using additional filters, provided that the profit is greater than the one specified in the ExitMinutesProfit parameter .
  • ExitMinutesProfit – after how many points of profit the order can be closed by additional filters.
  • ExitChannelDist – how many points the price should go beyond the channel for the algorithm to close the order, provided that the profit is greater than the one specified in the ExitChannelPips parameter .
  • ExitChannelPips – after how many profit points the order can be closed if the price has gone beyond the channel.
  • Start_Hour – the hour of the start of trading.
  • End_Hour – the trading end hour.
  • AutoGMTOffset – if “true”, the robot will try to determine the time zone of your broker itself. If you are not satisfied with the result during backtesting, turn off this “false” function, and set ManualTimeOffsetGMT manually.
  • ManualTimeOffsetGMT-manually setting the time zone of your broker.
  • DST-when true, take into account daylight saving time.
  • Trail_Start – if greater than 0, then after how many points to enable Trailing Stop.
  • Trail_Size – how far to move the Trailing Stop.
  • Trail_Step – the Trailing Stop step.
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread value at which orders can be opened.


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