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Exports transaction data for the specified period to a. csv file. The period is specified in the parameters in hours and days, so that it is convenient to export data both for the year and for the last trading session in several hours.

  • hours – the number of hours of saved history
  • days – the number of days of the saved history

The periods in days and hours are added together.

The script saves more data than standard MT5 tools, which expands the analysis capabilities. The following information is output to the file in the form of columns:

  • Ticket-transaction ID (int)
  • OpenTime-date-time of opening of the transaction (datetime)
  • Symbol – name of the tool (string)
  • Type – transaction type (0-buy, 1-sell)
  • Entry-direction (0-entry, 1 – exit from the transaction)
  • Lots-volume (double)
  • OpenPrice – trade opening price (double)
  • Commission – the amount of the commission in the deposit currency (double)
  • Profit – the result of the transaction (double)
  • Comment – comment (string)

the separators between the columns:”; ” and “” (tab) are displayed together

The data is saved to a file named “DealsHistory_acc1007066_2016. 01. 28. csv”, where” acc1007066 “is the account number,” 2016.01.28 ” is the date of saving.

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The file is placed in a folder “MQL5Files”


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