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TLDR: Uses martingale to ensure maximum profit and minimal loss, hence named scalp martini. Consistent return with low draw down with adjustable parameters. Try it, love it, own it.
NOTE: This is a FREE version. There is a PAID version available.
Scalp Martini uses an in-house developed signal with anchorage to find the best entry which is in trend. There is a martingale investment system to ensure you reap the most profit from the on-going trend even though the entry position might not be optimal.
Although it uses martingale, we can control the number of trades and it does not hold your deals till kingdom comes, whether heaven or hell awaits.
It has an in-built Fund Protection Stop Loss (FPSL) system to close the trade at lower loss and stop the EA when losses are exceeding fund allocation.
A manual is given in the comment section of the PAID version
This is a free version of the same EA but only allowed to trade on Monday and Tuesday.
Screenshots shown are some examples of the PAID version run on Pepperstone server.

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