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The indicator is designed specifically for scalping the market on trend areas on the M5-H1 timeframes. A complex algorithm is a combination of several indicators that dynamically change across the market. In addition to the main signals, there are also secondary signals (more frequent, but less accurate). To filter the signals, there are two built-in switchable filters. The recommended timeframe for use is M15. The signal is accompanied by an additional direction line, at the end of which the probability of a price reversal increases. The arrow appears at the opening of the bar and does not disappear, the indicator does not redraw its values!

  • UseConditionsBO – mode for changing the priority of the main indicator conditions
  • UseExplosionFilter-enable / disable the direction force filter
  • ExplosionFilterFastPeriod – fast period for calculating the direction force filter
  • ExplosionFilterSlowPeriod – slow period for calculating the directional force filter
  • ExplosionFilterSmoothingPeriod – the smoothing period of the directional force filter
  • UseLongTrendFilter-enable / disable the long-term trend filter
  • LongTrendFilterPeriod – the period for calculating the long-term trend filter
  • ShowAdvancedSignals-enable / disable secondary signals
  • UseExplosionFilterForAdv-enable / disable the directional force filter for secondary signals
  • UseLongTrendFilterForAdv-Enable / disable the directional force filter for secondary signals
  • AddDigits – additional accuracy of the indicator
  • ArrowUpCode – code of the up signal arrow
  • ArrowDownCode – code of the down arrow of the signal
  • AdvArrowUpCode – code of the arrow of the additional signal up
  • AdvArrowDownCode – code of the arrow of the additional signal down

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28 July 2020

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