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FRIENDS! After purchasing this robot, our professional trader will help you to install it correctly and configure it to work! 

Scalper XAUUSD m5 is a professional, fully automatic forex expert Advisor (forex bot). It can trade on different currency pairs, but the maximum effect is achieved when trading on gold (XAUUSD). The minimum initial trading deposit is from $ 250. The recommended timeframe is M5, M30, H1. This robot was built on its own trading system, which we have been using for more than 2 years. The robot uses a complex financial control strategy, which rigidly controls the drawdown on the deposit with the help of a physical stop loss and virtual stops. 

The trading algorithm of the robot is to use analytical and mathematical modules to dynamically analyze the current state of the market and open deals in the directions of the current trend. The robot determines the current market direction, waits for the most effective moment to open a trade, and begins to accompany the open trade by pulling up the stops to get optimal profit with minimal risks.  When the desired profit is received, the robot closes the open orders. When you receive a loss, the robot can close unpromising transactions and open new, more effective ones.

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  • a professional specialized bot for trading on XAUUSD gold.
  • this robot is built on a neural network platform. It is capable of learning in non-standard trading situations.
  • the robot is already configured to trade on XAUUSD. You don’t need to configure anything to start trading.
  • the robot works both on a PC and on a VPS server.
  • the robot operates in full automatic mode. The trader does not need to set it up for trading.
  • you can simultaneously trade several robots on one Metatrader 4, on different currency pairs and different timeframes.
  • the robot trades with a minimum deposit of$250 or more
  • it trades on the timeframes M5, M30, H1.

  • TrailingStop – trailing stop.
  • Risk-indicates with what trading volume the robot will open trades.
  • Spread-specifies the maximum broker spread at which the robot will open trades. If the spread is higher than this value, the robot will not open new trades.
  • Magic – the unique magic number of the robot. So that the robot can see what trades were opened to them.
  • Comments – comments on open trades.


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