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Scanner Trend Line PRO mt5



Please leave your feedback: here

Please leave your feedback: here

The scanner is designed to search for new signals of the Trend Line PRO indicator on all pairs and timeframes from M5 to MN1

For the scanner to work, you must have an indicator. The main advantage of SCANNER Trend Line PRO is the ability to use an individual set file for each pair and timeframe.

You can set, change, and save the settings for each pair automatically in the additional scanner window. You can also use ready-made set files that were obtained after optimization by a special Trend Line Optimizer utility.

The scanner allows you to use only the settings that you need, as a result, its operation is accelerated.

The scanner is necessary for manual trading and for testing new strategies. Just install SCANNER Trend Line PRO on any of the charts on your computer or VPS and it will notify you of a new signal  An alert or Text message to the mobile version of Meta Trader MT4 in your mobile phone, wherever you are. 

Use the scanner in conjunction with: Trend Line PRO indicator Optimizer Scanner for the most effective result and your profit

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Before using it, download the history for the required characters

Usage procedure:

1. Optimize and save the Trend Line PRO parameters using the Optimizer Utility: download

2. Install the Trend Line PRO indicator on any chart: download

3. Add the SCANNER to the same graph

Use the scanner buttons to quickly switch to a new chart.

The indicator and scanner use the saved settings obtained in the Optimizer Utility or saved in the scanner for each pair automatically

Optimize the parameters of only those pairs and timeframes that you need to work with. This speeds up the scanner.

To optimize different timeframes, you need a different range of history.

So for intraday timeframes:

M5 – M15 set the parameter Calculation Range (Days)=60 (three months)

M30-H1 set the Calculation Range (Days) parameter)=120 (6 months)

H4 set the Calculation Range (Days) parameter)=240 (one year)

D1-W1 set the Calculation Range (Days) parameter)=720 (three years)

MN1 set the parameter Calculation Range (Days)=1200 (five years)


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