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The scheduler is a tool that helps you run any type of order at a specific time.

    MagicNumber =
magic .. don’t forget to always change this on every chart
    comment = comment
    LotSize =
fixed lot
    Order Type = the type of order you want .. for example. Buy stop, Sell stop, Buy limit, Sell limit, Instant
buy and Instant sell
    Time_Hour = Time in an hour to place an order
    Time_Min = Time in
minutes to place an order
    Order_Distance = distance to place a pending order
Use_Expiration = TRUE; whether to use expiration
    PendingOrderExpirationMinutes = / / expiration of the pending order
    Use_Close_Order = whether to use close an open position
    Close_Time_Hour =
Close an open position at a certain time / / hour
    Close_Time_Min = Close an open position at a certain time / / minutes
Use_Delete_Order = whether to use delete pending orders and limit orders
    Delete_Time_Hour = Delete a pending order at a
certain time / / hour
    Delete_Time_Min = Delete a pending order at a certain time / / minutes
Stop loss = Stop Loss in pips
    TakeProfit = Takeprofit in pips
    TrailingStop = trailing stop
TrailingStep = trailing step
    Use_Breakeven = true; Should I use breakeven
Breakeven = Breakeven At the point
    MaxSpread = maximum allowed spread
    MaxSlippage = Maximum
allowable slippage

Additional features

    place an order by price .. for example, GBPUSD price is 1.26111

If you
have any ideas .. please feel free to contact me!

Telegram = t.me/ask4abusaidu

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