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◆ ScriptBot is a multi-strategy robot developed to be practical and robust, with ScriptBot you are able to create different strategies of your own, install up to 51 indicators of your liking and build your own trigger using simple logic expressions.

Now for free, use your will, be free and do what you want with this product.

Now for free, use your will, be free and do what you want with this product.

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Below we will tell you a little about the structure:

Indicators: ScriptBot does not have indicators in its coding, this means that you have full control of which indicators you want to install and use in your strategy, you are able to create strategies using different indicators individually or all at the same time, without complications and in an organized way .

Buffers: ScriptBot is not limited to buffers, you can connect to any indicator buffer, and for better understanding there is a feature called Buffer Checker , this feature does all the work of finding the buffers and their respective values in a practical way and fast.

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Control: You are able to limit the robot by time and day, set different types of stops and targets, ScriptBot is totally faithful and will execute exactly what was configured.

Calculations: ScriptBot is driven by logical expressions, there are no predefined triggers, that is, the robot will work the way you want, it will faithfully execute the strategy you developed.

Predefined Variables: The predefined variables release numerous essential resources that help in the development of robust strategies, you are able to obtain the price of each candlestick on the chart, enabling the creation of technical strategies, not to mention that it is possible to obtain the winning values, victory , defeats and more.

Modelable Variables: These variables can store complete values and expressions, you can define values and use in the parameterization of indicators and calculation expressions, these variables are very useful to be used in the parameters of the indicators, because this way you can do an optimization in the metatrader without problems.

Standard features:

Exclusive features:

Exclusive features:

  • Install up to 51 different or the same indicators as you like.
  • Create Buy , Sell and Output triggers using the logical expressions.
  • Get access to the Buffer Checker to help you discover the values of an indicator’s buffers.
  • Get access to several Variables that can receive values and be used in the calculations of triggers and parameters.
  • Access Reserved Variables that save values for charts, counts, indicators and that can be used in logical expressions.

● Documentation: 
● Discord group: 

We strongly recommend accessing our documentation to learn how to use ScriptBot.


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