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SD Delete Comment for MT5


A script for quickly deleting comments left in the upper-left corner of the chart. It does not destroy other objects. At the end of its work, it reports with an alert signal.

Useful when the text remains on the chart after:

  • a script for checking the results of the activity of functions with the output of information via Comment();
  • an indicator or an expert Advisor with an unsigned function to delete a comment (which is being finalized or downloaded from the Internet).

Of the advantages of this script:

When deleting the comment text, it automatically saves it to the log file of the trading terminal: * MQL5Logs. This is a convenience for those cases when you may need the deleted data, for example, for any subsequent comparison and analysis. Manually, you can later find the text deleted by this script through the”Experts” tab. This tab has a filter that helps you quickly navigate to the records of interest in the log file of the trading terminal. To call this filter:

  • go to the “Experts” tab of the trading terminal;
  • right-click to open the menu;
  • click on the “View” menu bar.

SD Delete Comment for MT5 will be more convenient to use if you assign it hot keys for a quick call or add it to the “Favorites” tab in the “Navigator”.

[spoiler title=”

  • in the upper menu bar of MetaTrader 5, click ” View”;
  • in the drop-down list, select ” Navigator”;
  • in the “General” tab, find the program (script, Expert Advisor, or indicator) that you want to assign a faster call to;
  • right-click on the program name;
  • in the menu that appears, click “Add to favorites” and / or”Assign a hotkey”.


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