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SD W indicators and charts


A useful script to quickly get, for example, the following data:

  • short names (INDICATOR_SHORTNAME) that belong to the indicators that are currently in all open charts of the trading terminal;
  • windows-subwindows of the location of these indicators (where 0-this means the main window of each chart);
  • how many indicators are currently displayed in the open charts of the trading terminal;
  • periods, symbols and identifiers (ID) of these charts and “Chart” graphic objects that are currently open in the trading terminal;
  • how many charts are open in total.

Accordingly, this script can help, for example, not only:

  • quickly see some now unnecessary (not required) indicators on the charts;
  • or vice versa, see that you need to add something that is missing;
  • or identify graphs that unnecessarily duplicate each other,

but it can also be a useful assistant in solving other tasks.

The script has several display modes. In particular, show information: about all open charts; either only on those charts in the terminal where there are indicators now; or only on charts without indicators.

The data is displayed in the”Experts” tab of the log. The information output by this utility is easy to copy and paste to where it may be useful to you.

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To run this script, run it on any chart and, if necessary, select a display option in its properties that is different from the default one.

After the output of the information, this script will automatically finish its work and “leave”.

  • Show all charts = and all indicators-show the names of symbols, periods, and unique numbers (IDs) of open charts; and the short names of the indicators available on them. If there are no indicators on any charts, then only a line with brief information about these charts is displayed.
  • Show all charts = with indicators – show information only on charts where there are currently indicators.
  • Show all charts = without indicators – show information only on charts without indicators.
  • Show all charts = only-show only the symbols, periods, and ID of the open charts of the trading terminal.
If the trading terminal has not real charts, but graphic objects “Chart”, then this utility outputs the following entry in the line with information on them: CHART_IS_OBJECT


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