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There are no second charts in MT5 by default. Many of the presented options for creating such do not work fully – errors with extremes, the inability to use indicators, etc. I present to you a fully working version. The script works as an advisor through the creation of a custom symbol. To work, the script is placed on the M1 graph of the instrument of interest, after which the custom symbol window opens automatically.

The settings are minimal and intuitive – the timeframe interval in seconds and the starting point.


Before using, make sure that the broker delivers “trading ticks” to the terminal. Go to “Symbols”, select the tool you are interested in and go to the “Ticks” tab. Next, select the “Last/Volume” tick type and click the “Request” button. As a result, you should get a list of trading ticks with price and volume. If the broker does not supply such tick data, the script will not work. Before closing MT5, it is recommended to close the user symbol tab with a second chart.

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