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Semaphore and ABC Pattern


  • showsemaforsshow or hide semaphores (default is true)
  • periodlast-check the specified number of bars to see if they are below/above the current semaphore (default 12.0)
  • periodpips-check whether the current High(Low) is higher(lower) than the previous High(Low) for
    specified number of pips (default 34.0)
  • periodbarsthe minimum number of bars required for the appearance of a new extreme
    semaphore (default 234.0)
  • widthlow – width of the lower semaphore point (default 5)
  • widthmed – width of the middle semaphore point (default 5)
  • widthextr – width of the extreme semaphore point (default 5)
  • barsCount – the number of bars to start drawing semaphores on the chart (by default, 3000)
  • showtrianglesshow or hide triangles (default is true)
  • fillup-filling the triangle with the selected color (false by default)
  • showmarks – show price labels on the sides of the triangle (default is true)
  • buytriangle – color of the purchase triangle (blue by default)
  • selltriangle – color of the triangle for sale (red by default)
  • buymark – color of the purchase price tags (blue by default)
  • sellmark – color of price tags for sale (red by default)
  • Width – the thickness of the triangle lines (default 3)
  • showAlert – notification in the terminal for semaphores (by default true)
  • showalerttr – notification in the terminal for triangles (by default true)
  • pushalert – push notification for semaphores (default is true)
  • pushalerttr – push notification for triangles (default is true)

[spoiler title=”

  • The default indicator settings are the most effective.
  • If you want to experiment and try different settings, open “List of indicators“, select

    ai_semaphore ABC” and open the tab “Input parameters“.

  • Instructions for configuring input parameters are shown in the screenshots.

Check the entered number of bars to see if they are below/above the current semaphore.


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