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SemiEA Martingale Dollar


Seven Martingale EA

Thank you for choosing this adviser. This is a tool that, I believe, every trader should have. I am a trader myself, creating this Expert Advisor for personal use, and I find it very profitable (not to mention these greedy traders). With this tool, it is very EASY and POSSIBLE to achieve the goal of 5% per month. For a serious trader, you will be surprised how soon you will get back what you paid for, and even more. Let’s help each other and BE PROFITABLE in the Forex market.

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Features of the Expert Advisor:

  • – The Expert Advisor helps to open recovery trades after the trader’s first trade.
  • – This adviser works well with other advisers.
  • – The trader is allowed to open the first trade based on his analysis, which increases the chances of closing trades using Take Profit.
  • – A fictitious take profit is set in the Expert Advisor to confuse the broker.
  • – The Expert Advisor has a sliding stop loss function that allows the trader to maximize profit.
  • – The Expert Advisor opens a recovery trade only when a new candle is opened, if the criteria are met.
  • – Take Profit can be set in dollars.

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Supported characters

  • – All symbols.
  • – Recommended symbols (small account): EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD.
  • – Recommended symbols (average score): AUDUSD, AUDJPY, GOLD, GBPJPY, USDCHF.
  • – Recommended characters (large account): all characters.

Supported timeframe

  • All timeframes.
  • – Recommended timeframe: M15

Description of the Expert Advisor parameters


TakeProfit option:

– TP dollar / TP point

– There are two TakeProfit modes for your trades.

– Recommended setting: Pip TP.


Fake TakeProfit (item):

– This take profit is a hard setup that will affect your trading.

– This function is ignored when selecting “TP dollar”.

– Recommended setting: 50


Real TakeProfit (pips):

– This is a real take profit, it is usually lower than the “Fake TakeProfit”.

– Your trade will reach this real profit before the fictitious profit is reached.

– This parameter is ignored if “TP Dollar” is selected.

– “0” means breakeven.

– Recommended setting: 20


Real TakeProfit ($$):

– EA will calculate the profit dollar you need and set it as a fixed take profit in your trades.

– This function is ignored when selecting “Pip TP”.

– “0” means breakeven.



– This is the minimum distance between two transactions.

– Recommended setting: 15


Lot Multiplier:

– This is the multiplication factor for the lot size of the next transaction.

– Example: (Value 1,3), if the first transaction is opened with a lot size of 0.10, the next transaction will be 0.13.

– Setting to ” 1 ” means that your subsequent trades will have the same lot size as your initial trade.

– Recommended setting: 1.3


The trailing function:

– True: enable the trailing function.

– False: disable the trailing function.


Trailing start points:

– This is necessary to install when you want your trailing function to start.

– “0” means that the trailing function will be activated when your trades break even.

– “10” means that the trailing function will be activated when the total profit of your trades is 10 pips.

– This parameter should not exceed the “Real Take Profit” setting, otherwise your trades will first reach a real take profit.


Rear distance:

– This is the distance from the current price when the trailing function is activated.



Notes on using this Expert Advisor



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