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Forex Expert Advisors MT4 Senshi


Senshi is an expert advisor who uses a combination of trading strategies.It trades both with pending orders and at market, Is built for trading on USDJPY H1.No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale,no scalping, no grid or hedge.

Recommended pairs :USDJPY

recommented timeframe: H1

Minimum deposit : For  mmDecimals = 1 and mmLotsIfNoMM = 0.1    Minimum deposit= 500

For  mmDecimals = 2 and mmLotsIfNoMM = 0.01     Minimum deposit=200

Recommented spread: Smallest the better

Recommented  Broker =IC market Raw

Recommented leverage 1:500


Take Profit                         =Profit target

Stop Loss                           =Stop loss

Break even                        =When price cross this number of pips on profit move the stop loss to Break even offset level to secure a profit.

Break even offset              =Number of pips above 0 profit to move the stop loss if Break even activated

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Trailing stop                      = Number of pips bellow 0  to move the stop loss if trailing stop activated

Trailing start                     = When price cross this number of pips on profit activate trailing stop and move the stop loss to trailing stop level.

UseMoneyManagement      =Enable auto money managment or not.

mmRiskPercent                  =How big percentage of the balance of the account used for open a trade if its true

mmDecimals                      = Order size will be rounded to the selected number of decimal places.Use 1 for mini lots for example 0.1  0.2 etc.Use 2 for micro lots for example 0.01  0.02 etc

mmMaxLots                       =The biggest lot size allowed.This depend and by the broker

ExitOnFriday                     =Close all open position if you dont want to leave open trades on weekends

FridayExitTime                  =Time on Friday to close open position if  ExitOnFriday is true

MaxTradesPerDay               =If you dont want to open too meny trades put the number you like,if value is 0 is diactivated



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